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Exhibitor Evaluate
  • 刘礼  重庆大江美丽信压铸有限责任公司总工
    1评价: 2013年的立嘉展会,出现了一大批代表世界前沿水平的压铸高端设备、工艺、辅料制造参展商,极大的促进了生产厂家获取先进技术的机会,推动了企业的技术升级。
  • 曾德友  重庆长安铃木汽车有限公司发动机铸造课课长
    2评价: 2013年的立嘉压铸铸造展,很不错,特别是今年的铸件参展企业非常多。希望明年在看到铸件的同时也能看到世界高水平的装备展品。
  • 刘益洲  成都市铸造行业协会
    3评价: 重庆市立嘉铸造展为宣传全国铸造业和加强铸造业联系搭建了最好的平台!恭祝立嘉铸造展越办越好!
  • 马德琼  重庆市热处理行业协会
    4评价: 通过对立嘉展会的参观考察,铸件、压铸、锻件、模具等参展企业非常多,这些参展客户大多是热处理工业炉企业的直接用户,为了完善铸锻热全产业链,经协会研究决定,从2013年9月起在重庆地区协会唯一参与该展会的主办,组织重庆热处理加工企业参展,同期举办2014重庆热处理行业年会。
  • 李业军  广东伊之密精密机械股份有限公司压铸事业部总经理
    5评价: 预祝2014第十五届立嘉国际压铸展圆满成功!同时我公司的“卓越系列”冷室压铸机将盛装亮相本展会!
  • 白茂林  重庆力劲机械有限公司总经理
    6评价: 立嘉国际机械展已经具备完善的管理体系,具有完整的规范、科学的办展方案。
  • 王公平  重庆铸造行业协会秘书长
    7评价: 2014第十五届立嘉机械暨国际铸锻热工业展是我们协会在重庆地区唯一参与主办的展会,在展会期间,我们将同期召开2014重庆市铸造行业年会,组织会员单位参展参观,邀请知名专家,评选优质铸件,提高我市铸造企业的技术和装备能力,促进我市铸造业的快速发展。
Brief introduction
The 18th Lijia International Foundry, Forging and Heat Treatment Exhibition 2017 Lijia International Aluminum Fabrication Exhibition 2017 18 Years of Proven Experiences CWMTE is missioned to meet the unique needs of China’s middle and southwest market by presenting the mechanical industries from an international perspective. Through 17 years of development since 2000, it has become an event of priority for the buyers and users. Win-win cooperation This event is co-organized by Chongqing relevant governmental agencies, China Machinery Industry Federation and the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense (SASCTIND) Information Center, sponsored by 20 industrial associations in middle and southwest China and nearly 100 dealers, supported by nearly 200 media. Six Themes for Building a Matchmaking Platform between Upstream and Downstream Industries Division of six areas is arranged, respectively for Industrial Automation, Cutting Machine Tools, Forming and Metalworking Machine Tools, Foundry and Heat Treatment, Mould, and Intelligent Manufacturing for National Defense. Focused on displaying the products, introducing new technologies and providing application solutions, this event serves as a platform for learning, exchange and purchase. Event Innovation ●Display of intelligent manufacturing technologies from multi-perspective: Directed to satisfy the needs in southwest region, this event gives the exhibitors the opportunity to display the intelligent manufacturing technologies, release new products, offer solutions and discuss the industrial development. ●Depth understanding of market requirements: From Dec. 2016, matchmaking activities will be held in such important areas as Pi County, Shuangliu, Longquanyi, Deyang, Mianyang, Guiyang, Bishan, Jiangjin and Beibei, intended to tailor design the event according to the users' needs. ●Improved Environment and Services: Further improvement will be made to the air quality and amenity during the event. We will advise the visitors to contact the exhibitor in advance. Tel:+86 23-86376310 13983431182 Fax:+86 23-86376323

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